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Looking for some Adventure Challenge In Bed examples? Curious what the challenges are like? We don’t blame you! The phrase ‘sex book’ can conjure up all kinds of things. So what is this one all about?

Here at The Adventure Challenge, we believe that connected sex is better sex. When you think about the best sex you’ve ever had, you’re probably not remembering just a position – you’re remembering a whole experience with another person. These In Bed challenges are designed to help you create more of those remember-forever, one-for-the-books experiences – all by bringing fun and connection into the bedroom.

How ‘Spicy’ Are The Adventure Challenge In Bed Challenges?

Great question! And the answer is… as ‘spicy’ as you want to make it.

The Adventure Challenge In Bed isn’t a book about positions or techniques. You won’t find graphic descriptions or detailed instructions here (we’re pretty sure you’ve got those figured out already!) Instead, these challenges are set-ups.

Creative, unique, and most of all, fun – the adventures in this book are all about pushing beyond your habits and your comfort zones to create incredible memories with your partner

In Bed Examples
In Bed Examples

The Best Way to Use The Adventure Challenge In Bed

This book isn’t just about creating one good date night. It’s about creating an amazing sex life. While the creative ideas in here are great for anyone to have in their arsenal, the Adventure Challenge In Bed examples and challenges were written with couples in long-term relationships in mind.

This means that, while lots of these challenges can be completed in one evening, some of them are designed to simmer along your everyday life, making everything a little more fun and exciting!

The best way to use this book is to explore it together, over a few months.

In Bed Examples
In Bed Examples

Real Adventure Challenge In Bed Examples

Enough talking – let’s skip to the good part. Here’s a free challenge, straight from the book itself, for you to try out with your partner tonight:

Free Challenge: Mr & Mrs Smith
For this challenge, you’ll need dinner at home and two nerf guns. Dress up – slacks/tie, skirt/shirt. You both must wear five pieces of clothing. Before dinner starts, hide your nerf guns, then start the soundtrack to Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Set a timer for 20 minutes (no peeking) and start eating. When it goes off, scramble for your guns – it’s all out war. Wherever you get shot, that piece of clothing comes off, so aim strategically. The fight pauses while anyone undresses. Count to ten after each piece of clothing is removed before resuming. The shootout ends when one of you is COMPLETELY naked. Continue the tension of your spy rivalry while you have sex.

Final Thoughts

Does this challenge seem like something you’d like to try? Are you ready to leave behind the same old habits and get out of your comfort zone? Want to go on some more sexy adventures? Then don’t wait – if you liked the look of these Adventure Challenge In Bed examples, get your copy of The Adventure Challenge …In Bed Edition today and save 15% off with the code: CONNECTEDSEX.