Kids Parent Key
Kids Parent Key

Hey parents!

Here’s where you can preview every adventure that’s in the book along with the supplies needed for each one. We’ve also included a “solo play age” for each challenge. In other words, this is the age we think a child can complete the adventure without parental involvement. This age does not take into consideration the required supplies or the total number of people needed to complete the challenge. It’s simply a recommendation based on parent feedback. We encourage you to read each adventure in advance and use your own discretion.

How it Works

  • Kids Parent Key
    1. Use the parent key

    Each activity requires very little setup, supplies, or parental supervision. With the included parent key, each adventure is a surprise for them but not for you.

  • Kids Parent Key
    2. Scratch off an adventure

    Use the parent key to choose the adventure, or let your kids use the hints and icons to choose their own.
    The Kids Edition provides flexibility for parents and encourages creativity and independence for kids.

  • Kids Parent Key
    3. Let them loose!

    Whether they’re building a house made out of snacks, making special gifts to give to friends, or playing “Nature Bingo,” your kids will want to do these adventures over and over again!

Parent Key

This downloadable pdf includes a list of all the supplies needed for the book. You can purchase all your supplies at once to have them on hand or just have quick access to what you need if you’re on the go. Some supplies you will be able to repurpose for different challenges (ex: buy a big box of chalk and use it for multiple chalk challenges).

Adventure Parent Key

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